Letter to the apprentices.....from Steve Manhanga

“Vengeance is mine”

Judges 16:22 “But before long his hair began to grow again.”

It is hard to keep a good man down. Samson had made his fair share of mistakes. He trusted in Delilah and as a result lost his eyes. Even greater than losing his amazing strength and his hair, Samson had lost his relationship with Almighty God.

Samson in chains and grinding like an ox in the prison, begins to have his relationship restored. Day in and day out all he could do was think of what could have or should have been. He recounted his great exploits, catching 300 foxes, killing 1000 men with the jaw bone of a donkey, slaying a lion with his bare hands. Wow! All these amazing things done by the spirit and might of God. Now he was being led around by someone. He could not enjoy a beautiful sunset or see an amazing rainbow fill the sky. He is brought out of prison to be made fun of and laughed at. With all the Philistine leaders around and 3000 people on balconies, they cheered as fun was made of blind Samson.

Then he prayed – “Lord remember me again and strengthen me one more time so that I may pay back the Philistines for the loss of my eyes.” God answered Samson’s prayer and in his death he killed more Philistines than during his lifetime.

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