Catching up with Mkhululi Ncube

Mkhululi Ncube

It was interesting catching up with Mkhululi Ncube – Cooper and listening to how far he has gone with his wedding plans. The last article on Cooper was about him paying lobola (dowry or bride price) with the deadline being at the end of July 2011.

An update......
Cooper is up to date on the payments and he has paid 1 bull, 1 heifer, a jacket for the brother in law, a blanket, suit, shoes and a scarf for his mother in law. The in-laws have agreed for Cooper to marry Caroline and the date has been set for 22 December 2011 at Shalom Camp Site. Africa Unity day is also celebrated on the 22 December annually. The wedding plans are underway and so far, so good.

Cooper is almost at the finish line in one sense and just beginning on the other. We look forward to 22 December.......

By Molly Manhanga

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