Back in Action!!!!

Molly Manhanga.....back in action!!

The “Handover, take over” was very brief........ as I am back to update you on the happenings at Ebenezer – a “stand in” measure………SO

What has been going on at Ebenezer this past month?
1. Graduation and Community Day preparations are underway. The event will be held at Ebenezer on 14th December.
2. Approximately 3 tonnes of tomatoes are being pushed out of Ebenezer daily. The major problem the apprentices are having with their tomatoes is late blight.

Maize crop

3. There are still lots of onions that are going into Bulawayo from Ebenezer.
4. Although the rains are a welcome relief, it has affected the electricity supply. There was a good downpour yesterday and it is expected to continue until Friday.
5. The apprentices are preparing to plant water melon, baby marrow, carrots and groundnuts. They may also plant butternut.

Field Preps underway

6. Gerald and Laura Mangena will be having their baby in 3 weeks time. However, after graduation, they will move to Harare to join ONE Church which is led by Laura’s brother Sean Mullens.
7. Some of the Ebenezer staff were involved in a car accident recently whilst on their way to Maphisa to visit the field officers. Please pray for their continued recovery.

Read on for more on the Ebenezer scene……

By Molly Manhanga

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DeAnne Sawyer said...

Thanks so much for keeping the info going. Blessings to all of you.....