Encouragement to the 1st year apprentices

With Mark & Heather Wells

Mark and Heather Wells spent some time with the 1st year apprentices, encouraging them to continue being focused and working hard. This is what they had to share:

Zimbabwe is a wonderful country with many opportunities. The apprentices are learning agriculture and they represent a big part in the prosperity of Africa. God is doing great things with the young people as they do things for themselves, communities and the nation.

The apprentices will feed many. They have the opportunity to use their skills on the land to grow crops to feed themselves, communities and the nation. They can go beyond subsistence farming. It’s exciting because the apprentices have the opportunity to have profitable, vibrant, big businesses.

Heather addressing the apprentices

Education is also an opportunity given by God. The Bible speaks about people having knowledge and that they are special. The apprentices are very special and they have a unique opportunity at Ebenezer.

Psalm 78 speaks about passing on knowledge from generation to generation: pass it on to the family and to the apprentices. They have the opportunity to be productive on both the land and in their families. The apprentices need to understand just how special they are and that they are making a difference.

Mark in deep thought before addressing the apprentices

Each apprentice is chosen by God and they need to make the most of every single opportunity. They are part of a bigger community and are encouraged to teach people. God knows everything about us. With education you can do lots, you can do business.

Written by molly manhanga

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