Encouragement to the 1st year apprentices pt 2

With Mark & Heather Wells

Business works like farming with the 4 principles of On Time, To Standard, With No Wastage and With Joy. These principles will help your business grow.

Here is a taster of the 4 pillars:
On Time:
On time is crucial in business. It talks about how well you do your business and your relationships will be good.

To Standard:
Set standards in work. Learn how to run your agricultural business, take the profits and set up another business. It’s important not to just set any standard but the correct standard. Find the correct level of doing things and have an appropriate standard.

No Wastage:
It’s the same in agriculture as in business. Try not to waste opportunities. When running your business, don’t waste time. Do things right for the business not what you want to do.

With Joy:
Be happy and people around us will be happy. Work with joy as it is more effective from a business point of view. You’ll make more profits.

Mark having a lighter moment with the apprentices

Apply these principles to your business. Do it because it works better as a business.
Acts 3:1 – 10 ; Many people in Africa and other nations are looking for handouts. Lets look at Peter – he didn’t give a “hand out” but a “hand up”.

Ebenezer will give the apprentices hand up’s and we’ll see them walking, leaping and praising God. It all starts here.

Compiled by Molly Manhanga

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