Selection Camp pt 1

Apprentices arriving at Ebenezer after a 5km run

Our desire was to have a new intake of 30 apprentices. We were so blessed when 43 prospective apprentices turned up for Selection Camp. The feel and atmosphere was great. Usually the new apprentices are shy and reserved when they come for registration, but this lot that we had were very friendly and lively and came with great expectation.
They were put into teams for the weekend and it was such fun seeing to them interacting, listening to the war cries and seeing the leaders rise to the occasion.

Stretch, bend, pull, jog…….could be heard early on the Saturday morning as Gerald Mangena got the new apprentices to run 5km. Huffing, puffing and a few complaints were heard as the girls said the distance was too long. Other groups encouraged each other and all 43 apprentices ran the distance in 20 minutes. Not bad, not bad at all!
They then had a morning devotional led by Stephen Manhanga and he encouraged them to work hard.

Early morning devotional with Stephen Manhanga

What a great start before breakfast!!
See what happens in the course of the day…….

by molly manhanga

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