Freedom Unlimited at Ebenezer

Skit on “Church” and how people respond.

“Freedom Unlimited” is group from Family Impact, Bulawayo that go around to schools, industry etc training people on Life Skills.

At the moment they are coming to Ebenezer Training Centre to teach the 1st year apprentices Life Skills. The training yesterday was on HIV/AIDS and how it enters the body.
Definitions were given:
H – Human
I – Immuno deficiency
V – Virus

How does HIV spread or increase? It spreads through bodily fluids with high or low concentration of HIV. e.g. blood = high, saliva = low, breast milk = high, sweat = low.
They also spoke about risk increasing conditions, ways of transmission, the importance of Voluntary and Counselling Testing.

The apprentices really enjoyed this session especially the skits.

We look forward to the next training session…….

By Molly Manhanga

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