Meet Prosper Nguruva

Prosper Nguruva

M.M: Tell me briefly about your background?
P.N: I was born in Harare and did my primary and secondary schooling there. I worked with an Intercrop company for a year. After my parents died, I did some indigenous work. We are 2 in my family and I am the eldest. I started volunteering for Operation Joseph and for the Faithful Stewards Programme. I joined Foundations for Farming in 2007.

M.M: What work do you do at Ebenezer?
P.N: I’m doing Research and Development.

M.M: How is it going so far?
P.N: So far, so good. Communication is the main problem. I’m Shona speaking in an Ndebele community.

M.M: Yes, that can be difficult. How long will you be serving at Ebenezer?
P.N: I’m not too sure.

M.M: What are your impressions of Ebenezer?
P.N: There is potential.

M.M: How have you enjoyed your stay so far?
P.N: I haven’t quite enjoyed my stay. I’m sleeping on the floor – a mattress on the floor and the menu is rather basic. I'm sure with time I'll adjust and things will improve!
M.M: Thanks Prosper for doing such an amazing job in the Research and Development fields

By Molly Manhanga

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