The New year begins....

2011 has started and although life at Ebenezer had slowed down somewhat during the festive season, things are pretty much coming back to normal with apprentices and graduates getting down to business in their fields. As we all have enjoyed the rains so far, so have the weeds that have flourished during this season.

This week was the beginning of a two year course at Ebenezer for the first year apprentices. Approximately 13 new apprentices arrived at Ebenezer and were shown to their dorms. They milled around and socialised with other first years as well as those who have been at Ebenezer for a longer time. They had a team building session which proved to be pretty enjoyable. I was in time to watch the tug-of-war (Ebenezer staff versus the first years) quite interesting to observe. The first years won overall. They also had a time with Family Impact on relationships and had their first Spiritual lesson with Stephen Manhanga on “The life of Joseph”.

The first years also spent there first week settling down to life at Ebenezer, making new friends and acquainting themselves with the kitchen staff during meals. The staff is also taking time to get to know the new apprentices and look forward to the years ahead with them.

By Molly Manhanga


maru said...

Your blog inspired me so much. Also, your team working toghter in Ebenezer is so respected.
May God bless the work and all of you there.


Larissa said...

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Thanks and kisses ;P