Beyond Belief Update - Sithabiso Tshuma

Sithabiso will be working closely with Stephen Manhanga, helping farmers in Mablauwuni village and the surrounding communities. Their focus will be on crops.
Of the 6 Beyond Belief Field Officers, 2 of them were young ladies: Sithabiso and Simangaliso and I asked them what challenges they faced on the ground whilst in Mapisa and any lessons learnt. Their answer was:
1. Loading the truck with tomatoes. The crates were heavy.
2. They learnt to be more responsible i.e. cooking for themselves and being self motivated. They felt that with God, ALL things are possible - nothing is impossible. Culturally, it's the older people who teach the younger ones but the older folk 'listened' to both Simanga and Sitha.They also managed to harvest some tomatoes despite the water shortages.
They both are glad however, to be back in Mablauwuni Village and to be able to fellowship and serve at Crossroads Community Church again.
By Molly Manhanga

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