Hi and Bye to Kevin Jones

Kevin and Gill Jones
I managed to catch up briefly with Kevin Jones while he was at Ebenezer on Tuesday. Kevin and his wife Gill served on and off at Ebenezer for the past 3 years before they headed back to the U.K mid-April. Kevin came back at the end of May and heads out again today for the U.K - a final goodbye. Kevin and Gill believe it was of God that they go back home to England although he says the last month and a half at 'home' has been an adjustment. They don't feel settled yet but are in a transitioning stage. He was pleased to see how things are moving at Ebenezer and that the young guys are being brought through to leadership, especially those who have been through the Ebenezer programme.....Simanga Ndlovu, Brilliant Khoza etc. They have lots of energy.

Joe and Lois Ovendon who are a 'new British' couple - you could say a replacement for Kevin and Gill, will also serve part time at Ebenezer. They are part of BMS World Mission. Joe has a Masters in International Development and will help out with IT skills and proposal writing while his wife Lois is a Speech Therapist. I look forward to meeting them soon. 

By Molly Manhanga

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