Visiting team from TCZ at Ebenezer

Craig Jones
A team of 5 people from the Theological College of Zimbabwe (TCZ) came to visit Ebenezer yesterday as well as have a look at Justin Thebes field which is in Mablauwuni community. The team leader was Craig Jones. He recommended I speak to Skip Ritchie who is here in Zimbabwe for 6 weeks as part of the Relief Development Internship with TCZ, to get his opinion on the visit to Ebenezer.......

Abit of info on Skip Ritchie
Skip is from the USA. He is a visiting Counseling student in the Masters level graduate school Covenant Seminary in St Louis, Missouri. He is a theological graduate with the Presbyterian Church of America. Skip loves farming and before going to the seminary, he did a farming project with 3 families  growing tomatoes. He feels this is where the money is!!!

Skip Ritchie
Skip was so pleased to know that tomatoes are being grown at Ebenezer. He says Ebenezer is great. The teachings are simple and that it pays to do farming. Also, the crops being grown will result in healthy food.

Skip had a 15 minute pea shelling competition against some young Ebenezer ladies. Needless to say, he got................... "creamed". I guess the ladies have acquired the knack of pea shelling.

Pea shelling competition
The team passed through Shalom Camp Site before heading back to the College. It was great chatting to Skip.

By Molly Manhanga


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post. The students seem to learning much about farming and micro-business. God is in the business of providing and helping us restore. Zimbabwe has suffered much loss in the recent years. In Genesis, before sin was brought into the world by Adam and his choice to distrust God, he directed us to work and have dominion over his creation. This is happening at Ebenezer. I see much of God's creational beauty and glory there. see(insert number five and drop parentheses)ritchies@gmail.com Skip Ritchie

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thanks for the post,