Apprentice Field Trip

Apprentice Field Trip
An outing to be remembered by the apprentices and what an eye-opener on the lucrative agricultural business prospects within Bulawayo City!!!!!!
Lance Edwards

Lance Edwards arranged an “educational” outing for the apprentices on Thursday 7 August 2008. 4 destinations were to be made:
v Ascot Farm Supplies a very busy vegetable shop in Bulawayo that supplies wealthier customers in and around the city.

Lance Edwards briefing the apprentices

v Nipar Farm – the family owned farm that supplies Ascot Farm Supplies vegetable shop.

Apprentices visiting Nipar Farm

v The main vegetable market in Bulawayo city centre where local farmers take their bulk produce for sale and where some of Ebenezer’s tomatoes were sold……
v Douglas Dale Nursery. It is here that the Ebenezer seedlings for the apprentices are grown.

Cabbage seedlings at Douglas Dale Nursery

The apprentices were really excited and went into town with great anticipation – eagerly desiring to learn more and see how to improve their own business at Ebenezer. (See article “From the eyes of 2 apprentices” to know the details of this trip)
Some highlights were seeing the vegetables in Ascot Farm Supplies, learning how to grow potatoes at Nipar Farm, seeing the drip irrigation system at Nipar Farm, learning how vegetables are sold at the Bulawayo Main Market and seeing the Ebenezer tomato seedlings at Douglas Dale Nursery.

By Molly Manhanga

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