From the eyes of 2 apprentices - Simanga and Faith

Simangaliso and Faith

On the 7th August 2008 we went on a trip to Bulawayo. We arrived at Ascot at 8:00am and entered Ascot Farm Supplies – a shop that sells vegetables. We saw different kinds of vegetables like cabbages, carrots, onions and so on. The vegetables were sold at a high price.

Apprentices in Ascot Farm Supplies
Later, we proceeded to Nipar Farm, the farm that supplies Ascot Farm supplies with vegetables. MaNyathi – a lady that works on the farm – explained to us how they farm. They use drip kits to water the crops. Fertilizers and compost are used to add nutrients to the soil.
Drip irrigation system at Napir Farm

They also have their own nursery and produce high quality seedlings. We noticed that the labourers were few and they were women.

Our next stop was at the Bulawayo Main Market to see how the market operates. A gentleman was explaining everything to us. He told us that if we have any produce, we can take it to him and he will sell it for us but the price varies according to the quality of our produce. After he sells the produce, he then takes 12.5% of the full price which is his commission. He told us that if the product is below standard, he sells it at a give-away price but still takes his commission. With his commission, he pays other labourers and gets the day to day business running.

Lastly, we stopped at Douglas Dale Nursery. The owner of the nursery is Mr Mills. His wife took us to the green house with some labourer. Her aim was to show us some of our tomato seedlings and how to get them ready.

Ebenezer seedlings at different growing stages

They use compost when planting the seeds and the seeds are grown in trays. The reason for planting the seeds in trays is that when you are pulling them up for transplanting, all the roots come out with the soil and they are not broken. The seedlings are put in the green house for warmth especially during the cold season. Liquid fertilizers are also used. We were so impressed with their products.

Ebenezer Tomato Seedlings

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