Interview with Tongai Mahobele

Tongai Mahobele

Apart from being a dear friend, Tongai is one of the Elders at River of Life Church in Westgate, Harare, Zimbabwe. He visited Ebenezer while it was in its vision stage a few years ago and he came again in August 2008 with Alan Norton, a fellow Elder from River of Life Westgate in Harare, Zimbabwe. The purpose of their visit was to look for possible opportunities of strengthening Crossroads Community Church, to set up God’s Way Targets and invite 2 God’s Way activators for 4 weeks of training at River of Life Church, Westgate. (What is God’s Way all about? Coming up in Next month’s articles…..)

M.M: When did you first come to Ebenezer?T.M: In January or February 2006. The dam had just started being built and there were trees only where Ebenezer was to be built. It is hard to believe the progress made in a year.
M.M: What was your first impression of the dam?T.M: The site seemed unusual and it was difficult to visualize. The dam is now full!!!!!1
M.M: What noticeable improvements have you seen at Ebenezer?T.M: The buildings are coming up, the dam is completed, people moving in(apprentices), the buzz and activities on the ground and the classes are happening. A lot has changed since I was last here.
M.M: What words of encouragement would you give to the apprentices?T.M: God is definitely on you. If he has done this so far with the current environment, He is bound to do more. KEEP GOING!

Tongai and Alan Norton visiting families in the Kezi community. THANK YOU SO MUCH TONGAI.
By Molly Manhanga

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