Words of Encouragement with Mbonisi Malaba

Mbonisi sharing with the Ebenezer Staff

Mbonisi Malaba, lead Elder of New Creation Church in Bulawayo, together with his wife Tashinga and 2 sons: Ethan and Noah, visited Ebenezer Training Centre to encourage the staff and the apprentices. Mbonisi shared and had a discussion time with the staff on Shepherds and Hirlings and he told the story of The Prodigal Son to the apprentices, linking in The Lost Sheep and The Lost Coin. He was excellent. This is what he shared on:

Shepherds and Hirelings
Read John 10:1 – 16 Key verses being
12 – 16
A “shepherd” heart will replace a “hireling” heart on receiving a revelation of the Father Heart of God – that we are His sons not His servants! Amazing!
What does a Shepherd look like?
1. They own from inside; not just stewarding another man’s vision
2. They go down with the boat; they use ‘owning’ speech such as “we” and
1. They “know” and are “known”. They are committed to getting to know people. They are ‘people’s people’. Good with names. Phone calls.
Lay down lives
1. John 21 “feed my sheep……you will go where you do not want to go.”
2. They show a genuine “putting others first.”
Serve God by serving others
1. How powerful! Motive = feed my sheep

Mbonisi Malaba about to tell a story to the apprentices

What does a Hireling look like?
1. Hirelings speak of “mine & yours”. Shepherds speak of “ours, us, we”. E.g. inviting someone to come to “our” church or to Ebenezer.
2. Hirelings are not sold out on the church or Ebenezer and create an atmosphere of non-permanence. Shepherds are sold-out on church and graft people in.
3. Hirelings regard their current situation as a “stepping-stone” for future exploits! They have a ‘volunteer’ spirit; they consider they are doing you a favour and just working for you!
4. Hirelings join people to themselves not fathers/vision/church/Ebenezer; shepherds graft people in and add to the church/Ebenezer.
5. Hirelings are “my rights” oriented and “wage” oriented.
6. Hirelings will pick and choose what ministry area they will do, instead of having the attitude of the shepherd which is “that would be my preference, but I desire any role that will serve the greater vision.”

While "dad", Mbonisi Malaba was hard at work, little Ethan Malaba was enjoying himself on a quard bike at Ebenezer.

If we have had a good shepherding experience, we’ll be able to shepherd well.
The GREAT value is to come back to the WORD. Christians are the most forgiven people and when we remember this, we’ll realize that we need to be forgiving.

Compiled by Molly Manhanga

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