Affirming Molly Manhanga

Molly Manhanga

Molly is a natural administrator with skills and she is organized. She pays attention to detail and is efficient. She gets things done and is resourceful. She has a love for children and is nurturing. There is a togetherness and team work with Stephen – her husband, which is so evident. She is always joyful and exercises self-control. She has a temperate nature and is fun to be around. Molly has lots of energy, is enthusiastic and zealous for the things of God. She is a lady-like lady who takes care of herself. She has beauty and does things beautifully. Molly is a great hostess, a great linker and excellent communicator who is able to relate to all sorts of people. Molly is lovely.

It’s amazing all the positive things that the team has to say about one another! We missed 6 staff members; Lance Edwards, Stephen Manhanga, Augustine and Gertrude Nyamayaro, Anna Bryon and Siphiliswe Mlilo but mentioned how precious they were to the team.

What an excellent time we had!

By Molly Manhanga

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