One on one with Jonathan Hartman

Jon Hartman

Jon fellowships at Manor Church in Pennsylvania. It was great catching up with him at Ebenezer…..

M.M: Tell me about your back ground?
J.H: I was born in Montana. I did my high school in Pennsylvania then I went to Elim Bible Institute and graduated from there. I got into the construction business and have been doing that for 6 years. I met my wife Tandy when I was 16 and we married 6 years later. We have 2 children; David who is 6 years old and Linley who is 3½ years.

M.M: How would you describe your family life?
J.H: The priorities get done like spending time with my wife and kids.

M.M: I heard that recently…. about priorities…..Is this your first time to Africa and Zimbabwe?
J.H: It’s far more than I expected. There is colour, it’s vibrant, greener, the vision is bigger and the leadership is better than I thought.

M.M: What do you think of Ebenezer?
J.H: Comfortable as I enjoy this lifestyle. I like getting my hands dirty and I like the cold. I’d like to come back in winter. I’m excited for the apprentices that they are taking this opportunity for transformation and not playing the victim card. They are young, they respond and are obedient.

M.M: I’ve finally met someone who likes the cold! What’s your favourite quote?
J.H: “Make all you can. Save all you can. Give all you can” or “Happiness is a combination of good health and a bad memory.”

M.M: Nice! Who is your favourite Bible character?
J.H: Caleb. He was tenacious. He was really old but still took the land. It’s a ‘cool’ quality – ‘forever young’.

M.M: What do you hope to be doing in 5 years time?
J.H: Happily married and well travelled with my family. I hope to bring my family out here in 3 – 5 years time.

M.M: Excellent! Thanks so much for your time and enjoy your stay in Zimbabwe.

By Molly Manhanga

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