Meet Rachel McCredie

Rachel McCredie
It was wonderful getting to know Rachel McCredie. She is from London, U.K and is attending the University of Birmingham. She is studying Physics which is a3 year course. Rachel has just completed year 2. She attends Church Central which is part of Newfrontiers and is led by Jonathan Bell. After University, Rachel would like to join the Frontier Year Project and/or do Medical Physics.

M.M: tell me a little about your background?
R.M: I was born in Lewisham and raised in Catford. My parents are Christians. I have an older sister Helen who is married to Ioan (Welsh). They live in Reading.

M.M: How is your Zim visit going?
R.M: It's my first time here and I came with an open mind. The Matopos rocks are beautiful but the way they balance is physically impossible from a physics perspective. The people here are very friendly and the culture is different. Things happen 'slowly' in Zimbabwe.

M.M: Where all will you be spending your time/serving?
R.M: I'm serving at Family Impact, Our Neighbours and Ebenezer. It's been enjoyable so far. It's nice to meet new people and interesting to see the world from a different perspective.

M.M: What do you do in your free time?
R.M: I like to sing in the choir, read and spend time with my friends.

M.M: Whats your favourite quote?
R.M: Charm is deceptive. Beauty is fleeting but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

M.M: Good one! What about your favourite meal and drink?
R.M: Italian food and 95% of the time I drink water.

M.M: What would you say are the challenges facing young people in the U.K?
R.M: Unemployment, lack of role models, lack of integrity, media - the focus on appearance, looks etc.

M.M: Thank you so much Rachel. I hope you really enjoy your time in Zim.

By Molly Manhanga

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