More news on the kitchen from Mrs Nyams

Mrs Nyamayaro

Info from Mrs Nyams on the kitchen
  • The lunch that was on offer on Friday was sadza and kapenta (small fish) 
  • The catering has gone interesting with the arrival of the 62 (now 61 new apprentices). The catering team are doing well and are very organised. They have a 'new' gentleman who has joined the team - Nicholas Ncube who attends Crossroads Community Church. he has settled in well to cooking!
  • Meal times are at 8:00am (breakfast), 1:00pm (lunch) and 6:00pm (supper)
  • Inbetween cleaning and tidying up the team works outside as well.
  • The quantities of food stock being used has increased.
  • Food deliveries have improved.
  • The menu has improved too. The apprentices are eating sadza with kapenta, meat, beans, soya chunks, cabbage and chomolia.
  • The apprentices also have tea twice a week, porridge with peanut butter twice a week and bread with jam twice a week.
  • There is a gas fridge too at Ebenezer.
  • So, things are certainly looking up in the kitchen. 
Nicholas Ncube

By Molly Manhanga

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