Update on happenings at Ebenezer.....

Wheat looking great but the birds are also "timing" it.

1. Potatoes are being harvested especially those that have been hit by frost. Some of the potatoes are looking really good. Others look like “baby” potatoes.
2. The winter wheat continues to look excellent.
3. Tomato seedlings have been planted in the first year apprentice plots and 2nd year boy’s plots and on the Ebenezer farm. They are looking healthy.
4. The cabbages planted by the second years are looking wonderful.

Cabbages from Honest Matavire's field - 2nd year apprentice

5. Plots are being cleared for our prospective apprentices.
6. We have started planning for our annual Selection Camp with the hope of getting 75 new apprentices to start in January 2011.
7. The landscaping has also started – flowers and lawn.
8. The roads from Crossroads to Ebenezer are being cleared and widened and the electricity lines are also being cleared.
9. Our water system is working well. If we don’t have electricity, the diesel pump is switched on as a backup measure. So far so good!
10. Standards continue to improve at Ebenezer and the “green belt” of wheat, cabbages, potatoes, tomatoes and maize looks great.
Happy days at Ebenezer!

By Molly Manhanga

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