Business Presentation by Sikanyiso Matshalaga

Sikanyiso Matshalaga, better known as Skha

Biblically based business…
What is business? Business is a person or group providing a service product for profit. This is very different from no profit organisations. As apprentices come, they’ll be given calculators for business and taught how to run a business.

In business, you have your capital – money – save/invest for your business to continue, your raw materials – put into your business to service your business, tools/repair – set money aside for equipment and tools, salaries – for business owner and workers and the customers – determine price, quality, quantity, market share etc.
In the rural areas people can save money by purchasing livestock. Skha then presented a skit where 3 different “business” proposals were presented and we had to chose the best one.
1. Build an orphanage
2. Want to grow vegetables to supply to the vendors
3. Buy bicycle parts and expand business.
Number 3 was the best business idea.

The business presentation was good and interactive. Some tweaking will take place to make it more suitable and easy to understand for our prospective apprentices.

Skha’s “business” display
By Molly Manhanga

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