Titus 2 Ladies with Ann Rowsell

Ann Rowsell

It was great having Ann Rowsell from East Grinstead sharing with the young ladies at Ebenezer on Titus 2 Ladies. Ann is married to Dave Rowsell.

Titus is a letter written by Paul in the New Testament.

How to love our husbands
Falling in love is easy. Staying in love takes effort. It’s very important to tell your spouse that you love them. It’s important to show it to. God showed us His love through Jesus Christ. There is a difference between God’s love and human love. God’s love is not based on how clever we are or how good looking we are. We cannot do anything to make God love us more. Human love can change – but, our pattern should be God’s love.

When we get married, we should look for:
1. Companionship: be a friend to our husbands and share our hopes, dreams, thoughts and feelings. We should manage our house and finances. We should be his helper and make life easier for him. Have fun together. It should be a partnership of husband and wife – partners working out God’s plan for us.
2. Commitment: When a man and wife marry, they separate themselves from their parents to each other.
3. Create a family: Wives support your husband in his role of authority in the home and by fulfilling a caring and mothering role. Be careful not to neglect your husband while caring for your children.
4. Respect in marriage: This is important as it is easy to treat men patronisingly, with tolerance or with hostility. How do we show respect to our husbands?
o Listen to him
o Give way to his opinions
o Let him know his opinions are important
o Don’t make decisions and tell him later
o Ask for his advice
o Talk through things with him
o Don’t put him down
o Make decisions together

You may say your husband is a weak man and you are stronger. Pray for him, respect him and it will help him grow in confidence and self-esteem.

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Summarised by Molly Manhanga

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