Titus 2 Ladies with Ann Rowsell pt 4

Ann Rowsell

It was great having Ann Rowsell from East Grinstead sharing with the young ladies at Ebenezer on Titus 2 Ladies.

Titus is a letter written by Paul in the New Testament.

Self-control is saying No to things we sometimes want – our desires. It isn’t fashionable these days to say No to things we want. People can have what they want, do what they want, say what they want. The reason we have self-control is to be holy. The enemy will want to rob us of self-control so he’ll bring bad things into our lives. When we live in a mess or being untidy, the enemy is finding a way into our lives. We are not content. We can get upset with our lives or we may have condemnation. This is where we need self-control. These thoughts are not from God. We need to change our mindsets in these areas:
1. How we use our bodies: Good eating, drinking, exercise, keeping away from wrong sexual activities
2. Time: It’s bad to do too little or too much. Write a list and choose the important things first. Get a good routine so that everything gets done.
3. Money: Be thankful for what we have and use it well. Don’t waste it on “silly” things.

Ann having a fun moment at Ebenezer

Summarised by Molly Manhanga

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