"7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens" pt 2

The next session will focus on writing a mission statement. A gentleman called Stephen Strong wrote this as his Mission Statement for life:

R – Religion
E – Education
S – Succeeding
P – Productive
E – Exercise
C – Caring
T – Being Truthful

I was curious to find out what each graduate thought of the sessions so far and this is what they said:

Bukhosi Dube

1. Bukhosi Dube: The sessions are helping me, giving me direction and knowing how to protect myself.

Honest Matavire

2. Honest Matavire: The sessions are helpful to me to achieve my goals and to chose wisely.

Cuthbert Dube

3. Cuthbert Dube: The sessions are helping me to visualise my future and directing me on a good path.

Mcebisi Ncube

4. Mcebisi Ncube: The sessions are good because they are helping me to live this life, to make good choices for myself and they are giving me direction.

By Molly Manhanga

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