How to slaughter birds

Want to know the details of how to slaughter chickens? Here goes.....

1. Stun the bird by giving it an electric shock. The bird is unconscious but not dead.
2. Pray (Halaal for the Muslims)
3. Cut the throats
4. Bleed them
5. Scold them
6. Pluck them
7. Vizierate them (chop)
This process is done semi-automatically
8. The birds are then chilled in a bucket
9. Freeze and package them.

All the 2860 were sold before Good Friday. The demand for birds was high during Easter.

Ebenezer is hoping for the next batch of birds to arrive on site by 4th May 2011. Let’s hope they do as well or better than the first batch.

By Molly Manhanga

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