Family groups at Ebenezer

Family Groups have replaced Cell groups at Ebenezer. They are still held on a Wednesday evening from 7 - 8pm. Apprentices are put into “families” that comprise of about 11 people and they are led by the staff. The meetings usually take place in the staff houses.

At a family meeting, meals can be shared and the apprentices learn more about family life and how parents relate to their children. In one group they looked specifically at Family Values.

The apprentices are learning how to be honest with one another and to be real – see things as they are. They are learning to share how they feel (their emotions) which are not a done thing culturally. For example: because there is no platform to share one’s emotions like anger, the easiest thing is to fight physically with the person that makes you angry. They are also learning to share about their personal desires and aspirations. It’s interesting that the apprentices now desire Godly marriages and as a family, they pray for each other.

Family groups are pretty much enjoyed by everyone.

By Molly Manhanga

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