What is "Beyond Belief?"

Beyond Belief is an initiative to transform rural communities practically and spiritually. Beyond Belief is an example of God’s abundant love by serving and partnering with small scale farmers through holistic and efficient business models in order to create fruitfulness, encourage generosity and strengthen communities – all for God’s glory. The vision therefore for Beyond Belief is “Unlocking Africa’s Fruitfulness.”

There will be 6 Model Farmers (Ebenezer Graduates) who will be Missionary Field Officers – equipped in agriculture. Their main focus is to be missionaries and to look after 10 farmers. Hopefully, they will start cells groups and eventually plant churches. They will live in the communities they are serving.

Model Farmers (Ebenezer Graduates: The 2 ladies are missing from the picture)

The 6 Model farmers (Ebenezer graduates) will train and equip farmers from an area called Antelope which is near Mapisa. These farmers will be growing tomatoes on a commercial scale. Follow the Beyond Belief blog for more details....... http://beyondbeliefzim.blogspot.com

Compiled by Molly Manhanga

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