Begin with the end in mind

As the graduates write their Mission Statements, they need to watch out for ‘dangerous roadblocks’:
1. Negative Labels: being labelled by others in a negative way. Labels are a negative form of prejudice (pre-judge: making conclusions about someone without knowing them) If you’ve been falsely labelled, you can live with it because labels are like paradigms. The danger comes when you start to believe the labels.
2. It’s All Over syndrome: When you’ve made a mistake and feel like you’ve blown it and say ‘It’s all over!’ At this point you start to self-destruct. It’s never over. Learn from our mistakes and move on.
3. Wrong Wall: ‘So often, in our quest to be more popular and to be part of the “in group”, we lose sight of things that are far more important.....’ like self-respect, true friendships and peace of mind. We are often so busy trying to climb the ladder of success that we never take time to see if our ladder is leaning against the right wall.

Go for the GOAL. How? Here are 5 keys to goal setting
1. Count the cost: set goals and follow through.
2. Put it in pen: “A goal not written is only a wish”.
3. Just do it: “Do or do not. There is no try.”
4. Use momentous moments: Certain moments in life contain momentum and power. Harness these moments.
5. Rope up: You’ll accomplish more if you rope up and borrow strength from others.

Summarised by Molly Manhanga

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