Submission by Mvuse Nyoni

Mvuse Nyoni

It was just great catching up with Mvuse at Ebenezer. She had given a talk to the apprentices on submission and this is what she said....

What is it?
Philipians 2v1-7
Tells us about Christ’s humility and how He submitted himself to God. He is our example of true submission because He understood that doing something ‘beneath’ His identity as God did not remove that identity.
Submission is therefore about humility and putting others before ourselves.

Why must we do it?
We submit to follow Jesus’ example. Learning to submit also teaches us about unconditional love and how to love others in the way God intends for us to do.
Submission teaches us to rely fully on God because we trust that He will stand up for us and take care of us while we submit to and serve others.

How do we submit?
Firstly, submission must happen in the heart. We must have a heart attitude that puts others first.
Secondly, submission is very closely linked to service. We make our submission evident through serving, just as Jesus showed us when He washed His disciples’ feet.

Who do we submit to?
Before anyone else we always submit to God. We do this through spending time with Him and listening to Him and reading His word. This means we also submit to the Bible because it’s God’s way of speaking to us.

We must also submit to authority that it in our lives. Whether or not we like them or believe in what they do. But even in submitting to authority we have to submit to God first, then to His word. This will help us to make sure we always do the right thing.

How can we put submission into practice at Ebenezer?
Through helping the new apprentices to find their way around.
By teaching the new apprentices with patience and helping them in their fields.
By respecting those in authority over us.

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