A day in Stores with Pretty Ndlovu

Pretty Ndlovu in Stores

Stores can be one of the busiest places at Ebenezer. It is like the hub and keeps things moving. The buzz of apprentices and the community coming in and out of stores. So what actually happens? Siphilisiwe Mlilo oversees Stores but we'll focus on what happens with Pretty Ndlovu who assists Siphie......

1.Tool register – sign out for apprentices
2. Clean 2 storerooms
3. Sell inputs to the appy’s
4. Sell produce to the community
5. Quiet time: updating books in stores
6. Lunch
7. Buying produce
8. Signing in tools

The selling process:
Produce is weighed first and then sold i.e. Grade C tomatoes cost R1 per kg. Grade B and A have their own price. Receipts are written out.

The fertilizers that are in stock and used for spraying are Calcium Nitrate, Gatit, Map 3G, Epsom Sait, Calcium Sulphate and Omnik. Ammonium Nitrate and Compound D are also found in stores. With some of the fertilisers, Mbusiso Ndlovu doesn’t let the apprentice take it but rather mixes it himself and sprays the fields.

Irrigation equipment is also found in stores. A gentleman called Joseph is leading the maintenance team so he is the one who takes items out when required.

If stores run out of stock, they order on a weekly basis. Stores is really the hub at Ebenezer and keep things moving.

By Molly Manhanga

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