Meet Cheralyn Martins

Cheralyn Martins, better known as Chez

M.M: tell me briefly about your background?
C.M: I was born in Kwa-Zulu natal, South Africa where I completed an MSC in Animal Science. I live with my younger sister and my adorable nephew Daniel in Pietermaritzburg. I belong to the “best” church in the region, North Hills.

M.M: How has Ebenezer and Beyond Belief impacted you?
C.M: I am greatly encouraged by the “ease” of self-sufficiency. Although it is hard work, it’s encouraging to know that they can support themselves with minimal resources. I love the concept of Foundations for Farming and teaching the community to provide for themselves is also rewarding. You can clearly see the passion everyone has towards farming and witnessing the accomplishment they feel after harvesting a crop of tomatoes, onions and cabbages is priceless!

M.M: What fun things did you do whilst in Zimbabwe?
C.M: I stayed out in the Matopos and learned how to live without relying on electricity for 2 weeks (AMAZING), I horse rode, I made home-made soap, I helped read to the community children, I ate ice-cream at Eskimo Hut (A Have-to for everyone coming to Zimbabwe), and also participated in some interesting family games with newly made friends and family.

Fun moment: "Oh yeah - Chez in action!"

M.M: Nice one! What book have you read recently and what main points did you glean from the book? (At least 3 points)
C.M: A Charlie Char Char book that I read to the Grade 6’s and 7’s called “The Shack” by William Young. This is the third time I’ve read the book. The 3 main pointers I gleaned are
1. God is all-powerful. His love is unconditional.
2. God is always in control no matter how good or how bad a situation may seem.
3. We serve an amazing relational God and that relationship is His prime focus in each one of our lives.

M.M: What is your favourite food and drink?
C.M: Morning Star punch (Secret recipe) and for a meal, besides Norma Fergusons amazing cooking – oriental pies.

M.M: Thanks Chez. Great meeting you.

By Molly Manhanga

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