Meet Brad Biddulph

Brad and Ruth Biddulph

Brad and his wife Ruth are from Witney, Oxfordshire in the U.K. They have recently moved to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe for 2 years serving with Kevin and Gillian Jones who moved to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe recently from South Africa. (Kevin and Gill are originally from the U.K) Brad and Ruth are meeting lots of people as well as seeing the work that Kevin and Gill are involved in. They hope to get plugged into an area of ministry soon.

M.M: What was it that drew you to Ruth before you got married?
B.B: Her “bottom”. I liked its shape. I wasn’t a Christian then!

M.M: A very honest and “different” kind of answer! How long did you attend North Witney Community Church?
B.B: I’ve attended North Witney Community Church for 5 – 6 years but Ruth was going there before I did.

M.M: You’ve been in Zimbabwe for 5 days now. What are your impressions so far?
B.B: So far, brilliant! Love the country, the people, the general setup. I’m really pleased.

M.M: Did you enjoy the service at New Creation Church led by Mbonisi and Tashinga Malaba?
B.B: I enjoyed it. The worship was fantastic. Really brilliant stuff. Ian Wilsher (based at River of Life Church Eastlea Harare) shared on ‘Having a thirst for God’ and hit the nail on the head. His message spoke to us.

M.M: Wonderful. Have you got a favourite saying?
B.B: ‘No hurry, no worry.’

M.M: Very similar to ‘Hakuna Matata’ – meaning ‘No worries. Be happy.’ What’s the last thing you do before you go to bed?
B.B: Reading and say goodnight to my wife Ruth (if she isn’t asleep already).

M.M: Fantastic. Great meeting you and I really hope you settle down quickly in Bulawayo and discover where God would have you serve.

By Molly Manhanga

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