Meet Ruth Biddulph

Ruth and Brad Biddulph

Ruth and her husband Brad are from Witney, Oxfordshire in the U.K. They are living in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe for 2 years serving with Kevin and Gillian Jones who moved to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe recently from South Africa. They are meeting lots of people and seeing the work that Kevin and Gill are involved in and seeing where they might get involved.

M.M: How long have you and Brad been married?
R.B: 4 years on the 2 June.

M.M: Which church did you attend in Witney?
R.B: North Witney Community Church led by Gary Pizzey. The church is affiliated to Salt and light Ministries.

M.M: You’ve been in Zimbabwe for 5 days now. What are your impressions so far?
R.B: It’s really beautiful. People are very hardworking, committed to their country and trying to help others.

M.M: Did you enjoy the service at New Creation?
R.B: Yes. It was lovely. Ian Wilsher (Harare Counselling Centre) shared on 'Having a thirst for God.'

M.M: Have you got a favourite meal?
R.B: Salmon

M.M: What’s the last thing you do before you go to bed?
R.B: Brush my teeth and say goodnight to my husband.

M.M: Fantastic. Great meeting you and I really hope you settle down quickly in Bulawayo and find your niche. To know more about Brad and Ruth, visit their website on http://www.bradandruth.co.uk/

By Molly Manhanga

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