Update on Mkhululi Ncube's wedding plans

Mkhululi Ncube

Mkhululi, better known as Cooper, is pressing ahead and doing his best to meet all the requirements expected of him in order for him to marry Caroline. His payments are not complete yet. This is a breakdown to date:
1. 2 cows – still needs to purchase them.
2. Suit for his prospective mum in law – still need to buy that.
3. Shoes for his mum in law – paid for those.
4. Scarf for his mum in law –paid for that.
5. Blanket for his mum in law – still needs to purchase that.
6. Jacket for his father in law – Still needs to pay for that. (Seeing as his prospective father in law has passed away, the jacket will go to his prospective brother-in-law)

The deadline so to speak for these items to be purchased is 30th June (on Thursday). If Cooper doesn’t come up with these goods, he’ll be fined – a spot fine which will be decided on the day. We wish him well! This is not an easy task.

In the meantime, Caroline is pretty eager to marry Mkhululi and start her new life with him at Antelope.
Lets see what happens with Thursday’s deadline!!

By Molly Manhanga

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