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Drawing Closer To God Through Worship
27 people from Crossroads Community Church (C.C.C) and River of Life Church in Bulawayo (Rol Byo) attended a workshop organized by Stephen Manhanga - C.C.C and Mpi Ndebele - Rol Byo. The workshop was held at Ebenezer Agricultural Training Centre.

Stephen Manhanga and Mpi Ndebele
Mpi facilitated the meeting which was very interactive and participatory.
Worship is a lifestyle and God is looking for a people of true worship - that will worship him in spirit and truth. We were encouraged to live a life pleasing to God. Once we understand the size of Christ’s sacrifice, it will change our expression of worship.

What do worshippers look like?
What worshippers look like….
  • Born again: 2 Corin 5:17
  • Alive to God
  • Creative
  • Expression shows God’s creativity
  • Renewed mind
  • Being transformed brings growth


  1. Hungry for God
  2. The more we know, the more we worship
  3. Passionate
  4. It’s contagious
  5. Peaceable – live at peace with others
  6. Attractive. Good for building relationship
  7. Servant heart/Humble
  8. Called to serve
  9. Skillful & Honours God
  10. Knowing and believing God – Faith & it takes away the pressure

Group picture of Worship Leaders

WORSHIP: (Summary)
v God focused. Psalm 95
v It’s a gathering and focuses on God, His worth, what He has done for us.
8 of the Ebenezer apprentices that attend Crossroads Community Church participated in this workshop and really enjoyed themselves.
The ‘worshipping’ team ended the session by having a friendly volleyball match. River of Life Bulawayo won both the matches that were played before the games were stopped due to rain.

Volleyball is ‘THE GAME’ played at Ebenezer

By molly manhanga

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