One on one with Shingani Nyoni

Shingani Nyoni

Shingani Nyoni, affectionately known as Shingi, joined the Ebenezer Agricultural Training Centre staff as the accountant and administrative person based in the Ebenezer town office in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Q: What an honour to have you join the Ebenezer family. Do tell us about your background?
A: I am Shingani Nyoni. I was born and grew up in rural Hwange. I was born on the 22nd October 1980. I am 28 years old. I am generally a quiet person but can easily make friends. I am still single but I look forward to marrying before I’m 30.

I am from a family of 7. There are 4 boys and 3 girls. My parents are elderly and they are still living in Hwange. I am the youngest boy in my family and the only one still living in Zmbabwe (am the Joseph of my family). Now I’m looking after my little sister.

I did my primary education in Hwange and I went to Thekwane High School in Plumtree for my secondary education in 1996 to 1999. Then l came to Bulawayo for my Advanced level in 2000 to 2001 (Foundation College). After Advanced level, l taught for a year in Hwange at a secondary school while trying to find a course to do. l had a passion for accounts but I had not done it at Advanced level. I excelled in the science subjects. I knew I wouldn’t get a place in any university to study accounting because of that. I came to Bulawayo Polytechnic in January 2004 and I studied Accounts which I completed at Higher National Diploma in 2007. Then l registered with The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants UK last year to further my studies.

My life really changed when l came to Bulawayo. By the grace of God I was saved and now I am a born again Christian. I go to Family life Centre (Pentecostal). I am the National Treasurer and also a board member and Trustee of Family Life Projects Trust. I am also in the church and youth leadership committee. I lead and participate actively in all church activities.

I really like soccer, chess and socializing with people of different age groups.

Q: Where were you working before you joined Ebenezer?
A: I taught for a year in Hwange 2002 and worked for a chemical distributing and Trucking Company Bulchem here in Bulawayo as an Assistant Accountant from December 2005 to Feb 2007. Then I joined Ostarama Feeds Growouts as Administrative Officer in 12 Feb 2007 till July 2008.

Q: What was your motivation for becoming a part of the Ebenezer Family?
A: I was eager to learn new things and to develop my career in accounting and to really understand business. Being part of Ebenezer really gave me the opportunity to develop my career and to learn business.

Q: What work do you do for Ebenezer Agricultural Training Centre?
A: Producing monthly management accounts. Progress reports to the management, assisting in procurement and sourcing out funds. Payments to suppliers and all administrative work necessary for the organization to run.

Q: You are based in Bulawayo and not actually on site in Kezi. How does that make you feel?
A: I have no problem being here, since I am still studying and also looking after my sister who still at school. As long as I manage to get to Kezi often, then I won’t have problems in understanding what’s going on there and staying here.

Q: What has been your greatest challenge at the Ebenezer town office?
A: The challenges were minimal except for gathering the required information together. This was because there was no one from the beginning who was doing the accounts. One major challenge I faced was only during the absence of Elizabeth Edwards - Accountant for Ebenezer. Chasing for wages and payments required me to leave the office and find my own transport to and from town. This was generally transport problem to the bank and town.

Q: We really appreciate your skills on the team. Any last thoughts…..
A: I am really happy with the whole team. Everything is just so different to what I am used to. I think its all about prayer. I suggest we interact more so that we meet each other at our point of needs and keep the high spirit and moral among us and the organization going.

Shingi enjoying a game of table tennis

Interview done by Molly Manhanga

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