A closer look at the apprentice fields.....

What’s happening at ground level at Ebenezer?

Walking around the apprentice plots is amazing. It’s a beautiful green belt from the girls’ plots to the boy’s plots. We see the growth of tomatoes and cabbages, mulched fields, straight lines and this gives the apprentices a hope of great harvests and a feel for what the future holds.

On my rounds in the apprentice fields, I stopped at a few fields and asked the apprentices what they hoped for as they looked at their crops. The answers I received were as follows:

Kingdom Moyo – 18 years – 2nd year apprentice
I think of my future and what I can achieve when I leave Ebenezer. I’d like my crops to be like this present crop and glorify God.

Kingdom's field

Mqondisi Moyo – 19 years – 2nd year apprentice
My crops look so promising. I’m really expecting a bumper harvest. They look much better than the last crop.
Mqondisi's cabbage crop

Brilliant Khoza – 18 years – 2nd Year apprentice
I think I’ll get a good harvest but my concern is frost during the winter months. I also have 5 rabbits which I’m hoping to breed soon.

Brilliant's rabbits

By Molly Manhanga

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