The Fry's

The Fry’s

Andy and Alison Fry

Andy and Alison Fry spent 2 weeks with us serving at Ebenezer and Crossroads Community Church. It was awesome catching up with this outstanding couple and this is what they had to say:

M.M: Tell us something of your background?
A.F: We both grew up in the U.K and both came to a faith in Jesus in our teenage years. The church we are part of is known as K.C 21 (Kings Church) and Andy has been part of the ministry team for the past 20 years. We have 3 grown up children.

M.M: You’ve been to Zimbabwe before. What are your general impressions of the country now?
A.F: We are always thrilled to meet the people of Zimbabwe who have such a strong hope and positive outlook, even in all the struggles and difficulties they have faced. It is good to see that supplies are beginning to come back into the shops and we pray that some stability is now coming to the country.

M.M: Walking into Ebenezer again, what were your impressions?
A.F: What an expanse of fields! Great to see that excellence is still being strived for in all that is done. Wonderful to be greeted by the apprentices we knew from our last trip and great to meet the new staff.

M.M: Your sessions with the staff were so motivational and inspiring. How did you feel giving such valuable input?
A.F: Always a privilege to be able to touch people’s lives.

M.M: How would you best describe your sessions with the apprentices?
A.F: Always a challenge to start with – learning what pace and style works best to communicate, but very quickly felt we got to know some of the apprentices, which made discussions and reflections easier.

M.M: Any last thoughts…..Pearls of Wisdom…..
A.F: A great team of people living very sacrificially. We pray that God will continue to equip and mature the team that Christ will continue to be reflected in the work of Ebenezer and the communities around.

M.M: Thank you so much Andy and Alison and thank you for serving us so well and so humbly. May God bless you as you return home to the U.K and may His light continue to shine through you.

Gerald Mangena with Andy Fry at Crossroads Community Church

Interviewed by Molly Manhanga

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