From the eyes of the Mlilo's

Farming God’s Way Champions Conference

George and Siphilisiwe Mlilo
M.M: What are your first impressions of River of Life Christian church Westgate?
G.M: On the whole a beautiful place, well built and refreshing particularly for us from out here; an opportunity to meet new people is always welcome.

M.M: What did you gain from the conference?
G.M: The chance of meeting Brian Oldreive in person was amazing. To hear him speak, sharing his life with us was beyond description, thus that experience and being taken through demonstrations: composting, mulching, planting, thinning, soil structure and so on.

M.M: If you had one word or phrase to describe Brian Oldreive, the Founder and Pioneer of farming God’s Way, what would it be?
G.M: His strength is his humble character.

M.M: What did you think of the crops grown at River of Life Westgate Christian Church?
G.M: Of note was the wagon wheel. The cropping there brings out the four principles of Farming God’s way which are on time (those crops were all planted following a strict planting schedule), to standard (all the work is of exceptional standard), without wastage (everything is of use, stocks from the previous crop were used as mulch) and with joy (The family at River of Life Westgate seemed motivated and happy).

M.M: Closer to home: how best would you implement Farming God’s Way at Ebenezer?
G.M: The best way to implement Farming God’s Way at Ebenezer would be to be strict with standards since the preaching is always being done. If the apprentices see that we know and believe in what we teach, they will obviously find it easy to catch the vision.

M.M: What values would you teach the apprentices form your experience at the Farming God’s Way Champions Conference?
G.M: One value that I think would be critical to teach is being “faithful with little.” Our apprentices need to understand that it is not about making the staff happy but it is about being faithful to God to sees the intentions on the heart. Other values worth noting are obviously AID or TRADE, what do we need in Africa? Etc.

M.M: Brilliant George. Do you have any last comments?
G.M: The Champs conference is a very informative forum such that I recommend all Ebenezer staff members to attend. If it was at all possible, have individual facilitators coming to Ebenezer to reinforce conference content.

Thanks so much Goerge and I’m thrilled that you were blessed at the Farming God’s Way Champions Conference. Be encouraged as you instill Biblical foundations into the apprentices.
By Molly Manhanga

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