A brief chat with Lance Edwards

Lance Edwards
Ebenezer’s Operations Director

M.M: What did you think of Ebenezer’s very first graduation?
L.E: Very tasteful and well done.

M.M: New chapters are beginning in the lives of the apprentices. 8 of the apprentices have been selected to stay on for the graduate programme. Tell us more about this programme?
L.E: We have an opportunity to take those apprentices who have excelled in the original programme and further train them in leadership and managerial skills. We’ll also continue to input into their lives spiritually so that they can become powerful church leaders.

M.M: What are your hopes for the first graduates joining this programme?
L.E: The programme initially is for a year. I’m hoping that in a very practical way, they’ll see that life is not about themselves but about God. I also hope they will be truly fulfilled.

M.M: Thanks so much Lance. Be blessed as you continue to lead the work at Ebenezer.

Lance, hard at work making tomato crates

Interviewed by Molly Manhanga

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