Fun with Art

“FUN with ART”

Laurel Pritchard

Laurel Pritchard from Northern Alberta, Canada came to Ebenezer to spend a couple of hours with the 2nd year apprentices having “FUN with ART.” Laurel is a primary school teacher who comes to Zimbabwe during her summer holidays and helps out at Family Impact in Bulawayo.

The goal of her session was to draw, paint and see if we can listen to God while doing art.

Laurel explaining to the 2nd years about ART.

What is art? We use shapes and lines that compose the different objects and structures we see in the world. The 2nd years were asked to draw a straight line, curved line, closed and open circles, different shapes as well as outside contours of anything they liked like leaves, branches or trunks of trees. Deborah and Paulina from Florida also decide to join in the art workshop.

Deborah and Paulina Fransway focusing on their art.

It was fun seeing the apprentices’ creative skills at work. Some were much more artier than others. Laughter filled the air when the apprentices were asked to draw a simple hippopotamus and they concluded that some hippo’s looked like cats. Much appreciation went into admiring God’s beautiful creation that was being expressed through art in the form of drawing and painting. It was a really relaxing session.

By Molly Manhanga

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