Ebenezer Graduation pt 1

Ebenezer’s Graduation Day

19 apprentices graduated from Ebenezer Training Centre after a 2 year programme in spiritual, business and agriculture.

Ebenezer’s graduating class 2009

I loved the atmosphere, the speeches, the songs, the skit, the awards, the food and the people who attended. I just LOVED EVERYTHING about Ebenezer’s very first graduation day. Parents and invited guests arrived early – waiting in anticipation for the ceremony to begin. Some of the parents walked for 3 hours to come and witness their children graduating.

Parents waiting for proceedings to begin

We were supported by the local Councillor, the Village heads, local pastors and other Kezi community leaders. Our Guest of Honour was Peter Cunningham and he did an excellent job of turning the Guest of Honour to Jesus Christ. Zimbabwe’s Apostolic leader within the New Frontier family of churches, Scott Marques, his lovely wife Claire and daughter Kimberly were a real breath of fresh air as they graced the graduation with their presence.

After opening the celebration with a word of prayer and singing the National Anthem, Lance Edwards – Ebenezer’s Operations Director, began by introducing the invited guests with the help of George Mlilo. Stephen Manhanga followed next, speaking about the history of Ebenezer – the joys and challenges faced by the apprentices as well as the spiritual growth and understanding of the apprentices as evidenced by them passing their final exam and giving testimony of how God has worked in their lives.

Lance Edwards addressing the parents

The local Councillor aired her delight with the developments in Ward 16 – the Ward where Ebenezer is based. She encouraged the parents to send their children to Ebenezer as it will help to empower the young people and prevent them from going to near-by countries like South Africa or Botswana.

Councillor, Ethel Nyamkuta addressing parents

Two overjoyed parents were given the opportunity to speak about how Ebenezer has transformed their children. They encouraged the apprentices to work even harder now that they are back in their communities.

Between the speeches their were songs, a poem and a skit. It was brilliant seeing the parents participate in jubilation as the apprentices sang and danced. The light heartedness and atmosphere of joy was amazing.

By Molly Manhanga

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