Intern Visit To Ebenezer

A visit from 2 of the Farming God’s Way interns

Zulu Dube, Jorge Moreira and Arun Jani
Zulu Dube from the Faithful Stewards programme, came down to Ebenezer to visit the local farmers as well as monitor and evaluate the site. He traveled down with two Farming God’s Way interns who are based at River of Life Westgate Church in Harare, Zimbabwe. The interns were Jorge Moreira from Nampula, Mozambique and Arun Jani from Massachusetts, United States of America. It was very interesting talking to them both and finding out more about their time in Zimbabwe.

Jorge Moreira: I come from Nampula, Mozambique. I have been part of the Farming God’s way training internship for the last 4 months. The training is very good and an excellent tool for Evangelism.
I really enjoyed my visit into the community. The people are friendly. They work very hard and are doing their best to put things in order. The outlook is positive and the farmers can only improve.
Ebenezer is a beautiful place and the dam is a miracle. It was my first time to see ostriches and I find them fascinating.
I will definitely come back and visit Ebenezer.

Arun Jani: I come from Massachusetts, U.S.A. I was working in Senegal with the Peace Core as an Agricultural Extension Agent. I came across Farming God’s Way in 2007 and started implementing the principles with cowpeas, okra, tomatoes and maize. Based on our experience, Farming Gods Way really works. We saw fertility build up in soils and we are looking forward to continuing to promote it.
I am overjoyed at Ebenezer’s existence. It shows that Farming God’s way can work anywhere. It is a joy that Ebenezer is so close to the villagers who can have access to see what is happening. The end result for the apprentices is that they will have commitment and go back to the community and train others. There is a lot of potential.
Visiting the farmers in the community was good. The people are very welcoming and generous. They share the little that they have. The farmers are hard workers and their participation good. I wished they would grow more millet in this area but the farmers who do have said that the birds come and eat their crop. It looks like sorghum would also do well in this area together with the other variety of crops grown.
Ebenezer is beautiful.

Jorge and Arun at the Ebenezer Dam

Thank you so much gentlemen. I wish you well as you finish your Farming God’s Way internship and head back to your countries to train and equip others.

Written by Molly Manhanga

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