Planting Season at Ebenezer

Apprentices heading to their plots to plant the tomato seedlings

Ebenezer is a ‘hive’ of activity as the apprentices are very busy in their fields. Yes, it’s planting time again and they received 40,000 tomato seedlings and 10,000 cabbage seedlings. Tomatoes take approximately 12 weeks before harvesting and 8 weeks of reaping the rewards. Cabbages take 12 weeks to harvest time. Smiles are evident as the work progresses.

What actually happens when the apprentice receives a plot?
1st year apprentices clearing the fields

1. They need to clear their plot.
2. Check the slope of the plot.
3. Measure the correct spacings for the crop in rows and between rows.
4. Dig holes.
5. Apply a basal fertiliser.
6. Mulch the plot.
7. Spray the plot before hand to kill any bugs and pests and to prevent diseases.
8. In the case of tomatoes, have the anchors ready, straining wire and stakes to support the tomato plant.
9. Plant the seedlings.

It’s a lot of preparation and hard work but our apprentices are doing it. They are hoping for a bumper harvest this season.

Planting in progress.

Prayer requests
That the Lord of the harvest will give 100 fold to these crops
Faithfulness with little
By Molly Manhanga

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