Parent Day for 1st Year Apprentices

Parent Day for 1st year apprentices

1st year apprentices

The 1st year apprentices officially joined Ebenezer Agricultural Training centre on the 3 November 2008. As a team they cleared their plots and have worked well in preparing their fields. They have planted their 1st tomato crop and we are hoping for a bumper harvest.

The apprentices are being equipped in Spiritual, Agriculture and Business.

They also have time for fun and games as they play volleyball, chair-ball or soccer.
1st year tomatoes

We invited the parents of the first years to Ebenezer as well as the community leaders. We shared vision, expectations, introduced the team, had a tour of the fields and so on. The turn out of parents was really good and the atmosphere was pleasant. The parents especially enjoyed the song and dance from the apprentices and the drama. The tour of the fields was very exciting for the proud parents who saw the potential and possibilities that their children have been given. One community leader recommended that we make the parent day into a huge community gathering so that we can show the community what we are doing. A GREAT thought to consider!
After sharing a meal and building stronger friendships, the proud parents went their way. All in all, it was a brilliant day.
Apprentices enjoying their song and dance
By Molly Manhanga

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