Encouragement....A WINNER

Scott Marques

What a joy having Scott Marques, Zimbabwe’s apostolic leader within the New Frontiers family of churches, and a team of friends: Peter Cunningham, Renee Cunningham, Mbonisi Malaba, Tashinga Malaba, Ethan Malaba – known as E-Man, Lance Edwards, Danny Tanser and Clarence Mutangara come out and visit Ebenezer.

Scott brought encouragement firstly to the apprentices as he expounded on 1 Thessalonians 5:12 – 24. Some gems that he brought were:
1. Have respect for the leadership of Ebenezer. Listen to what they say and apply yourselves with all your heart.
2. Live at peace with one another. When Jesus had injustice done to him, he forgave everyone.
3. Don’t be lazy. Work hard.
4. V14………comfort the faint-hearted, uphold the weak, and be patient with all.
5. V23. We are made up of spirit, soul and body. We have the capacity to know God through our spirit.

Let our spirit and mind be alive with the things of God. Day by day there is change. We choose how we will respond to God’s word.

Scott then brought a word of encouragement to the staff. He said that the work of Ebenezer is a kingdom extending initiative. Church is more than a Sunday or mid-week meeting. The church on the one hand is gathered and on the other scattered. In our work place we are the church in action. Ebenezer is an expression of the church in action. The fruit of our dealings with the apprentices is seeing young men and women loving, knowing and growing in Christ and there is unity in the spirit. Ebenezer at the same time is a business and a school.

He exhorted the staff to work together in unity and build one another up. We all have strengths and weaknesses, come from different backgrounds yet we are designed and called by God.

Change is inevitable and God changes people. The resultant fruit for the team is being strong in heart, soul, mind and to make Ebenezer self-sustaining. It’s the best for us, the apprentices and the community.

Adapted by Molly Manhanga

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