Motivational Talk # 1

Motivational Talk #1
With Gerald Mangena

The staff at Ebenezer are constantly “giving out” and pouring their lives into the apprentices physically, emotionally and spiritually, the team decided that having internal and external speakers come once a month to motivate, inspire, encourage and challenge them on a personal and work level would be excellent. The sessions are called Motivational Talks. The very first one was done by Gerald Mangena, a staff member at Ebenezer and worship leader at Crossroads Community Church.

Gerald started off by getting the team to do 2 team building activities. The first challenge was for the team to diffuse an “atomic bomb”. The second challenge was called 9 square. Both activities proved to be very interesting with lots of discussion, direction, debate and eventually the team succeeding with both tasks.
The lessons learnt from these activities were that a team requires clear communication, co-operation and skill to succeed.

Thought provoking 9 square challenge.

After lunch, Gerry read the team a short story from Phil Callaway’s book entitled ‘Who put my life on fast forward?’ The short story highlighted the strategy of the enemy to dim and distract Christians in their zeal for God. Some key points that came through were:
§ How to measure or redefine success. It wasn’t about people or faithfulness anymore but about things. Making Christians equate success with stuff like wanting bigger houses and more cars.

  1. Conflict
  2. Keep people borrowing
  3. Husbands and wives working longer hours
  4. People becoming complacent and comfortable
  5. Create so much noise that Christians can’t hear God’s still, small voice
  6. View silence as a fearful thing and so on……

The group discussion that followed was brilliant because we looked at how the above points affected the team individually, as a team and in our relationships. Earnest prayer followed the discussion.

What an excellent start with real life application.
We eagerly await Motivational Talk # 2.

By Molly Manhanga

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David R Lee said...

David & Andrea say hi to everyone at Ebeneza. Are we the first to post a comment? I don't know, but we want to say how really impresssed we are with your progress and particularly with the range of veg that you are producing. You may remember our visit last November with Graham and Sarah and how I explained that me and Andrea had been growing most of our own food in Wales and then France for a total of almost 30 years. It is a very satisfying way of life and always a thrill to produce fresh food with nil "food miles". We really encourage you all with the extension of FGW and believe it is the Lord's gift and blessing to Zimbabwe.
I decided to post this on Gerald's talk, wanting to encourage him and having recognised a real talent for leadership and training. I have a photo, which I must send you Gerald, of us taken with your new trial bike! I do hope this comment gets through, as this is my second attempt. I tried to sign up as a blogger after writing this note and it was lost. le't keep in touch and me and Andrea send our love and mighty, mighty blessings to you all at Kezi.