Entrance into 2009

Life at Ebenezer began on a high. It’s hard to think that the festive season has come and gone already and everyone is hard at work.
The blessing of abundant rain has seen the dam fill to overflowing again this year. The sight is spectacular. We thank God for ‘opening the heavens’ and seeing the vegetation blossom and flourish all around us.
God’s amazing grace – The Ebenezer dam spilling

With everything coming to life and flourishing, so did the weeds in the apprentice fields. Some of the apprentices teamed up with their friends and weeded field by field. What hard work! Although the rains were welcome, the abundance of water has caused water-logging in some fields, some tomatoes that were on the ground started to rot while others were affected by boll worm and red spider mite. Spraying of plots was a constant feature at Ebenezer. Despite these many challenges, harvesting of the better tomatoes was in full swing. The 1st year apprentices are well ahead in terms of field preparation. They are waiting for their first crop of tomato seedlings to arrive. Their enthusiasm and diligence is quite infectious.

Tomatoes being harvested

Construction of the buildings at Ebenezer is in full swing. The dining hall is now at roof level and awaiting thatching. Work on the classroom block is underway and the kitchen is almost complete. Mr and Mrs Nyamayaro have moved into their ‘new’ house much to the delight of Mrs Nyams. The ‘finer’ touches are still being done.
Kitchen and Dining hall
As part of our superb start, we had a team of 11 young men and women from YWAM come and visit us at Ebenezer. They have spent some time in Beira, Mozambique, stopped briefly in Zimbabwe on route to Madagascar. Some assisted in harvesting tomatoes, others ministered in song and skits at Crossroads Community Church while yet another gave the agile staff and willing apprentices some Tikondo exercises. Bodies were aching the next day.
YWAM ladies grading the tomatoes

CHANGE is in the air at Ebenezer as everyone is geared to hard work.
Prayer Pointers:
o God to be glorified in all we do and say
o Unity of team
o Professionalism versus survival mode.
Written By Molly Manhanga


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...


This is Siebren, from the YWAM team.
The time I had at Ebenezer was much to short! It was so great and the work that is being done there is so good! My father absolutely loves Farming Gods Way so he was very jalous that I have seen it.

Give Gerald a big hug from me, and thank him for his hospitality:)

Siebren (The Netherlands)