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Gottfried Hetzer
I had heard so much about Gottfried Hetzer and the book he wrote that when he came to Ebenezer, I just had to interview him. What an extraordinary man with a radical view on Kingdom Finance.

M.M: Gottfried, please tell me about your background.
G.H: I was born near Hannover in Germany and I’m the first born of 7 children. I did 11 years of schooling before dropping out because I wanted to make money. I learnt to become an industrial salesman and yet I couldn’t do maths. I had a mentor who trained me and brought some stability into my life. I became a financial manager and worked for 15 years in multinational corporations. I knew my wife when I was 17 and she was 15 years old. We married 3 years later and I divorced her 6 years later. We both didn’t know God. During this time we both became Christians and we remarried again. We have been married now for 30 years. My wife couldn’t have biological children and so we asked God to correct that and He did. We have 3 biological girls and an adopted son from Kenya who is HIV+ from birth. In 1994, we left Germany following God’s call to missions. For 11 years, it took us to various African countries.

M.M: How best would you describe your family life?
G.H: We had problems in our family life due to the baggage of the divorce, debt and the death of our youngest daughter in Namibia but Ruth (my wife), the children and I experienced God coming through amidst these difficult times. Today, I consider us to be a happy and blessed family with much love for one another. We are not perfect but highly fulfilled.

M.M: When did God start speaking to you about His perspective on finances?
G.H: In 1997 God started teaching me on His perspective of finances. He did that here in Africa. Ever since, I’m trying to help people understand this paradigm shift from a life of serving money to a life of serving God.

M.M: Excellent. From your wealth of experience in training people, what kind of response do you get on Kingdom finance?
G.H: There are 3 different response groups:
a) This group is absolutely anti Kingdom finance. They reject it to the extent of walking out.
b) This group understands the challenge, embraces it politely for as long as I’m around.
c) This group understands that something has to change and they want to get to know more. This group is by far the smallest – about 2% of those who listen.
Gottfried addressing the apprentices
M.M: Incredible. In a nutshell, how would you describe Kingdom finances versus a worldly concept?
G.H: In the world, money is EVERYTHING and everything is judged by financial benefits – the car you drive, the house you live in, the clothes you wear, the position you hold and so on. In the Kingdom of God, money is a tool and everything is judged by ETERNAL BENEFITS which ALWAYS has to do with PEOPLE.

M.M: What is your opinion on the vision and heart of Ebenezer?
G.H: You are “spot on”- Connecting spiritual truths with an outworking in the practical. One follows the other. The challenge is to give people an understanding of the power of money versus God’s money. The spirit realm, which is real, has a real influence on the power of money. When you help others for their benefit without having an advantage, then you’ve captured the Kingdom message. The ultimate goal is to lead people to the Creator.
Gottfried(left) & Peter(right) walking the apprentice plots

M.M: I have so enjoyed listening to you discuss poverty. How would you define poverty?
G.H: Mankind understands poverty as not HAVING anything or not enough of something whereas Jesus understood poverty as not DOING anything.

M.M: Very interesting Gottfried and time is just so short. Do you have any last thoughts or nuggets to leave with us?
G.H: God in His power is unlimited. We need to be careful not to put him in a box. He is not dependent on financial logistics and so on. The principles laid down for our lives are the same no matter where we are or what context we find ourselves.

This has been very enlightening and inspiring. Thank you so much and be blessed as you continue serving God and sharing His perspective on finance.
Interviewed by Molly Manhanga


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